Home treatment for ear infections

Just as there are infections to other parts of the body resulting from an array of causes, the ear isn’t an exception. As one that follows diagnosis, there are various treatment methods for ear infections. These could range from major surgery to medication prescription for ear infections. Well, any form of treatment would depend on the severity of the condition. But, this piece would focus more on a rather mild treatment method, home treatment. Though most ear infections may become better even without treatment, it is still not advisable to gamble it. Proper home treatment is ideal and takes off the stress of seeing a doctor. It doesn’t end at taking in different prescribed medications. Not at all! Rest is part of it. For the younger children at ages 2 and above, rest at home is often what is needed when an ear infection develops.

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Now, a few home treatment tips are necessary to maintain distance from a doctor while at the same time taking you off the stress of having to face a complicated case of ear infection due to improper management. At home you should;

  • Apply heat to the ear using warm washcloths: This is particularly important for ear ache as it helps with the pain. You should avoid excessive heating to prevent any further damage to the ear.
  • Ensure rest is well observed: This sounds so easy and yet very vital to avert infections. How does this work? Yes, while at rest, the body immune system is active and fights against infections generally. In other cases, you may choose to engage in rather quiet play activities than the more engaging ones.
  • Use pain-relievers such as the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicines and actaminophen. Common examples of these medications include; Aleve, Motrin and Advil. These medications are vital for a better feeling during pain from an ear infection. For children, it is always important to administer the medications before bedtime. Again, ensure instructions on dosage and routine as described on the label are duly followed.
  • Use ear drops as prescribed by a doctor: This is particularly important for earache pain. You should avoid ear drops if there are tubes in your child’s ears to avoid further complications.

Home treatment stands as the first-line treatment and as much as possible should not be overlooked. It is as important an ear surgical procedure. However, when there seems not to be any improvement, you can consult specialist to check your child. Audiologie Centre-Ouest is a good one to consult.